Frequently Asked Questions:

The subject of death and bereavement is still a very private matter for most of us in Britain. It is often therefore a bewildering task to face the arrangements for a funeral. Many people have questions to ask which they feel embarrassed to ask; feel that they should know the answer to or ones that just seem inappropriate at the time of arrangement.

With our experience as funeral directors we have come to realise that there is no question too small to be asked, no question that families should feel they should know especially in their time of grief. It is for this reason that we have compiled a list of things that we are often asked in the hope that it will answer a point that you wish to raise. If however you have any further question please do not hesitate to call us. We are avalable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are `own clothes allowed to be worn?

There are no restrictions on the clothes worn for a burial however the crematorium have to observe environmental regulations. If a cremation the clothes must be lightweight (no kilts or heavy jackets, no shoes or heavy buckles/belts.) The crematorium may permit the use of lightweight clothing.

What can be placed in the coffin?

For a burial there are no restrictions as to what can be placed in the coffin. Many people like to place photographs, poems and `wee mindings for their loved ones. However for a cremation there are restrictions in that there cannot be anything combustible that may explode during cremation eg glass or metal.

What music can we play at the service?

Nowadays it is common for people to play CD music of all types on arrival and when departing the service at the crematorium. Some people have used pipers, soloists, violinists. Some churches may have restrictions and prefer organ music to be played.

How many people can be buried in a lair?

Usually up to three full interments and three casket interments although this may be dependent on the depth and type of soil etc. If it is an old lair the funeral director would normally check with the cemetery office who may `probe the lair to find out its depth.

Can we donate a body to science?

There is an option to donate a body to science. This is best arranged direct with a Medical School at a local University prior to death. Not everyone who applies is accepted. It may therefore be appropriate to consider alternative arrangements for a funeral just in case. After a period of time, normally three years, the body is normally cremated and the cremated remains returned to the family.

What is embalming?

Modern embalming is carried out for preservation, protection and presentation. The purpose of this is to assist preservation between death and the funeral service; to provide protection to both funeral staff and the family viewing the deceased; and to improve presentation, the visual appearance of the deceased. In practice it is not always necessary in Scotland where most funerals occur fairly quickly after death.

Can jewellery be left on?

You will be asked to sign a form to confirm your wishes. If you wish to collect any jewellery it will be returned to you and a form completed to confirm this.

What about false teeth?

False teeth can be handed in to the funeral director who will ensure they are in place prior to the funeral.

What happens when I come to see mum?

You will be asked to confirm a suitable time to visit .On arrival you will be able
to wait in a comfortable room whilst we get things ready for you. Your mum will be dressed in her own clothes (or a robe) in her coffin. You will be able to sit with her for as long as you need, some people like to bring poems; prayers; photographs; letters or flowers to place inside the coffin. Please check with us if you are unsure about a particular item. Some people prefer to come and sit beside the coffin with the lid closed. This is also very acceptable.

Are coffins always cremated?

Yes. The crematorium has to observe strict legal requirements and
there are strict rules at the crematorium. After the curtain closes no-one is
permitted to interfere with the coffin in any way prior to cremation. The sealed
coffin is cremated shortly after the service.

How will I get from the crematorium to the hotel after the service?

If you have used a limousine to get there we will take you on to the hotel.

If you have a question you would like answered please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.