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Funeral Directors Charges / Disbursements:

Funerals costs are split between the funeral directors costs and the disbursements and depend on the requirements you have..

Funeral Directors costs:

include: care of the deceased, bearers, vehicle and facilities in local transfer of deceased from place of death to funeral home, first offices and use of rest rooms. Professional Services, our professional attention throughout, including the arrangements interview, administration, bearers and funeral directors attendance at funeral service and provision of hearse and chauffeur to funeral. Additional costs include the coffin/casket price; hire of limousines and chauffeurs for conveyance of mourners, coffin to church or home out of hours; additional transfer costs outwith Fife.


these are the costs we pay on your behalf to external providers including: crematorium or burial charges; doctors fees for cremation certificates; donations for ministers/church/organist; death notices and acknowledgements; floral tributes; catering; special requirements such as doves; balloons etc


We request a deposit to cover the disbursements which we have to pay on your behalf. This is due prior to the funeral taking place and can be paid by cash, cheque or debit/credit card. Thank you.

Please find below a chart comparing the different Funerals available and cost for each one. each individual funeral will be tailored to the family's requests.

Value: The Value Plan offers a traditional funeral at an affordable price including a hearse and simple coffin. This plan provides basic cover at a difficult time. Time and place of funeral is specified by funeral director.

An affordable plan that includes an allowance towards third party costs

A plan that goes a little bit further and includes a limousine and high quality coffin

Our most comprehensive option, often chosen for burials





Provision of professional services and making all arrangements for the funeral

Advice on the certification and registration of the death and related documentation

The coffin* (these are typical examples)

Wood Effect

Plain Veneered

Panelled Veneered

Solid Wood

Transportation of the deceased to a resting place within a 15 mile radius

During Office Hours

During Office Hours

Care of deceased prior to burial or cremation

Use of chapel of rest or service rooms

The funeral service at a local cemetery, church or crematorium

At the place of Burial Or Cremation Only

Choice of date and time of funeral

Funeral procession from home to funeral location

A hearse to local crematorium or cemetery



Family viewing

During office hours

During office hours

During office hours

During office hours

Confidential assistance with bereavement counselling

Advice Book

Advice Book

An allowance for third party costs
These are the costs for cremation or burial (doesn’t include purchase of burial plot)





If you would like to know more about specific costs involved please do not hesitate to call us.

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